Axiory Review 2023

“Trade better” is not merely a slogan of Axiory, but you actually trade better with it. Being a regulated broker with competitive and easy trading conditions, Axiory is assumed as a safe way to start trading.


When trading with Axiory, be confident about its authenticity as it is a regulated body owned by Axiory Global Limited. Established in Belize under Registration No. 127090, Axiory Global Limited is duly regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Belize (FSC), under License No. 000122/267.

Axiory’s Safety Features

Uncompromised safety is the topmost responsibility of any broker and Axiory knows it well. It has placed all those measures in place that are necessary for secure trading. Let’s have a look at the security features of Axiory.

  • Segregated Accounts

At Axiory,  the customer’s accounts are kept strictly separated from the broker’s fund to prevent any chance of flow of funds.

  • Negative Balance Protection

Axiory offers the benefit of negative balance protection to its clients. So, regardless of the volatility of the market, the client’s account can never become negative. Loss cannot be more than what is in the account. This is especially advantageous for beginner traders who have no idea about the uncertainty of the market.

  • Compensation Fund

Being regulated by the Financial Commission, the interests of clients are kept high in comparison with brokers. The commission always works to protect the client’s rights and offers compensation in case the broker faces liquidation.

  • Third-Party Auditing

To ensure complete transparency and fair trade practices, Axiory arranges third-party validation that strictly scrutinizes all operations.

With all these security features in place, Axiory is, no doubt, a safe place to trade.

Online Security

While focusing on brokers’ security and authenticity, online security is often compromised. The case is not so with Axiory, as it has employed equally high-level measures for ensuring online security. Let’s see what it does for uncompromised online security:

  • 2-step verification process
  • High-level data encryption
  • Frequent hack testing to counter potential threats
  • Keep a close eye on phishing websites and keep on informing customers about such websites. In case of any phishing incident, Axiory takes proper legal action against cyber criminals.

Axiory has also mentioned a few safety tips on its website to ensure security at every step. The broker has clearly warned clients not to share their trading information with anyone. If you ever feel suspicious about anything, feel free to report the issue to Axiory to get relief.

BANNER: Since Its Inception, Axiory Has Emphasized On Establishing Customer Trust With Impeccable Service And High-End Reliability. Sign Up With Axiory To Gain Remarkable Rewards And Great Services

Raise Your Voice

If there is something about Axiory that bothers you or if you want to see anything new, you can always convey your suggestions/feedback quite easily. Just fill out a simple form on the official website of Axiory in the Customer Support section and click ‘Send’. You will be responded to soon by the customer support team.


Axiory is not for traders who are interested in cryptocurrency as it does not offer it. However, it lets its clients diversify their portfolio by giving access to 100+ assets in 5 global markets. It provides the best trading conditions in the given global markets to enhance the chances of making profits.


Axiory allows 24/5 trading of a variety of currency pairs. No matter whether minor, major, or exotic, you can always choose to trade currency pairs under the best trading conditions.


Right from your Axiory Tera account, invest in the shares of the world’s renowned brands and be one of the proud owners.

Investment in stocks always comes with various benefits. Stocks are always in media news and are real to track. Being a shareholder, you assume a part owner of the company. It is a long-term investment that lets you enjoy your share of the profit.

You can open Axiory’s Tera account on the industry’s famous MT5 platform and choose to buy from 100+ stocks. It is way simpler than you think. Just open your Tera account on MT5, buy your desired stocks and start enjoying dividends.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Exchange-traded funds are commonly referred to as  low-cost investment options best for diversification. Investment in ETFs gives a bundle of assets, which you can trade during market hours. It is fairly easy to execute ETFs. Instead of paying commission on each asset separately, you just have to pay just for one ETF. Being a passive management investment, it is easy to track assets held in ETF. At Axiory you can choose to trade from 60+ ETFs in specified trading hours.


Investment in metals, especially gold is worth investing in at all times. It always holds its financial value in comparison with other assets even amid uncertainty.

With Axiory, you can choose to trade metals like Gold, Silver, and, many others without having to physically own them. Just capitalize on the price movements and expand your profit.


Being affected by many fundamental factors, various exciting trading opportunities arise while trading oil and other commodities. Investment in commodities can be well strategized as they are influenced by multiple factors such as supply, demand, market sentiment, political unrest, and economic indicators. The official website of axiory keeps you updated about all these factors to let you grab rising opportunities.

As a trader, your trading choice matters the most in your success. It is generally advised to go for low-cost assets for a better chance to enhance your portfolio. Click here to find specific details about asset classes.

Types Of Accounts

Axiory offers 3 main accounts.

  • Trading Account
  • Corporate Account
  • Islamic Accounts

Trading Accounts

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, and whatever market you want to explore, Axiory offers an account type well-suited to your needs. All these accounts are carefully developed keeping the trader’s level and style in mind. Whichever account you will choose, rest assured it will work best for you and give your fair conditions for trading your desired assets.

Types of Trading Account

Axiory offers the following 5 types of Trading Accounts. Let’s have a quick look at the important features of each of these account types

Account Type Minimum Deposit Leverage Spread Commission Lot size Axiory’s Proprietary Copy Trade
Nano $10 1:400 0.00003 $6 per Lot 100,000 NO
Standard $10 1:400 0.00013 0 100,000 NO
Max $10 1:777 0.0002 0 100,000 YES
Tera $10 1:400 0.00003 $6 per Lot 100,000 NO
Alpha N/A 1:1 N/A from 1.5 USD/lot N/A NO


Of all these account types, if you are confused about which to choose, a detailed comparison is given on the official website of Axiory. Consult it to make the right decision.

Furthermore, you can choose to open a demo account of your desired account type to practically see if it works for you.

Signing up

Start your Application

Creating a live account of any of the above-mentioned account types is quite simple. Follow the given steps to start trading:

  • Register: Click on “Sign Up” on the top right of the landing page of Axiory’s official website and fill out the form. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the form. It gives you instant excess to the trading platform with a demo account having $10000 virtual money.
  • Verify: Fill out the questionnaire and upload the required documents
  • Fund: Make the required deposit through one of many available methods
  • Trade: Start trading.

Corporate Accounts

As the name suggests, the corporate account is specifically designed for trade companies to work with Axiory. It requires a minimum $10 deposit. It comes with a tax advantage for the company and offers customized spreads depending on the lot size and trading volume.

Opening a corporate account with Axiory is simple. On the official website of Axiory, click on “Get a Corporate Account” and fill out the application form. Submit required documents to verify ownership of the company. The decision of the board of directors will also be required to be uploaded in PDF format. Once you submit the documents, you will get an email with your login details and necessary instructions.

Fund your account and get on trading!

Islamic Accounts

Specifically designed for Muslim clients, Axiory’s Islamic account gives all the benefits to clients except swaps. The client neither will pay interest nor earn interest.

All the above-mentioned account types except alpha, are available for Islamic (Swap-free) accounts.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Axiory offers easy withdrawals and deposit methods including various e-wallet options such as Skrill, Neteller, PayRedeem, ThunderX Pay, and sticpay. Bank Transfer and payment through Visa Card is also available.

Axiory does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fee. However, depending on the residence country of clients, clients may have to incur some fees to withdraw money via e-wallet payment options. Axiory team is working on it to give clients a better money withdrawal option. Although withdrawal through Bank Transfer is free, it takes 3 to 4 business days to complete the transaction.

Trading Tools

Axiory comes packed with a suite of intuitive trading tools absolutely at no cost. You can use the tools to get an intuition of the market and trade accordingly. The suite of trading tools includes

  • Calculators: Clients can use calculators to calculate the cost of their trades, currency conversion, margin, pip, and swap.
  • Economic Calendar: Keep an eye on upcoming events and forecast the market sentiment to open or close positions accordingly.
  • Autochartist: Use the MT4 or MT5 plugin of Autochartist to improve your technical analysis.
  • Custom indicators: Empower your technical analysis with custom indicators and trade better.

The trading platforms also offer diverse tools for enriched technical analysis; click here to use their free-for-all indicators.


Axiory is an award-winning broker. A few of its recent awards include:

  • Best Affiliate Program 2022 – FXdaily Awards
  • Best New Forex Brand, South East Asia 2021 – Global Brands Magazine Award
  • Best New Forex Brand, Africa 2021 – Global Brands Magazine Award
  • Best Forex Educators 2021 – Global Forex Awards Retail
  • Most Transparent Broker Asia 2021 – ultimate fintech awards

Customer Service

Axiory has an award-winning 24/5 customer support system in place to let customers ask whatever they want.

The customer support system is always there to help customers. For ease of customers from different locations, separate contact numbers are given. Customers from Belize may call on +501 224-4632, while customers from the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria may call on +971 45896250 and +234 906 691 4639, +234 916 899 701 respectively.

Clients may also reach Axiory on all prominent social media platforms such as Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Clients can also contact Axiory via email at

A dedicated FAQs section on Axiory’s official website answers all general queries the clients may have in their minds.

Clients may also choose to visit Axiory at their central office in Belize and a representative office in the United Arab Emirates.

Connect With The Customer Service


In simple words, leverage means the amount of debt that the client requests from the broker to increase its trading capacity. Leverage helps in enhancing balance and gives exposure to more opportunities, but at the same time, it is highly risky in case the market moves opposite.

Axiory offers a maximum of 1:777 leverage on its Max account. However, understanding the underlying risk, it helps clients in controlling the risk. Axiory will limit your leverage only up to 1:300 if your balance is more than 100,000 USD. Similarly, you can have leverage up to 1:300 if your trading balance exceeds 200,000 and 1:1 if the trading balance goes beyond 300,000. Clients based in countries with the stringent regulatory framework may only access maximum leverage of up to 1:30.

Trading Platforms

You can access 200+ assets in 5 financial markets through industry popular MetaTrader and cTrader – Premium Charting trading platform – accessible on all types of Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

cTrader is gaining popularity among traders because of its unique features and functionalities. Besides Windows, Mac, and Android Devices, it is available for iOS devices as well.

The Compactly designed platform is well suited to the needs of traders. It comes with 20+ charting tools, 6 pending order types, and 50 indicators. It also allows for creating and optimizing trading robots.  For ease of use, the interface is completely customizable having detachable charts for multiple screens and drag & drop functionality.

All the 3 platforms are readily available for download on mobile devices for on-the-go trading. With these industry-leading platforms, traders can trade with their maximum potential

The historical data and installation guides for MetaTrader and cTrader are readily available on the website.

Reputation Amongst Clients

Axiory enjoys a moderate reputation amongst its clients as evident from its rating of 4.1 / 5 on Trustpilot and 3.494 / 5 on ForexPeaceArmy.


Axiory helps its clients to grow as traders via its rich educational resources and trading academy. There are detailed articles covering both the basics and advanced information about trading in forex and other global financial markets. Webinars hosted by various trading mentors are frequently held to keep the clients informed about market trends.

Summing Up

Axiory seems to be a competitive broker for newbies compared to many other brokers working in the market. Packed with all the necessary features, Axiory is a sensible choice that promises to deliver a better trading experience. However, the absence of regulation from a top-tier regulator could become a point of concern to some risk-averse clients.