Deriv Review 2023

Deriv is a top-notch broker invented in 1999. The company facilitates retail trading across various financial markets, including forex stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. With its headquarter in Malta, the broker has a presence in 14 countries with over 950 employees, 18 locations, and serving 50+ nationalities. The company strives to offer the best trading conditions besides featuring flexible trading platforms well suited to the trading needs of individual traders. While clients don’t have many choices available concerning account selection, the broker’s educational resources don’t look competitive either. This piece reviews the broker in detail.


Regulatory Information is one of the subsidiaries of the Deriv Group. Following are the subsidiaries of the Deriv group that are authorized to operate in certain jurisdictions.

  • Deriv Investments (Europe) Limited – based in Malta – licensed by the Malta Financial Services(License no. IS/70156)
  • Deriv (FX) Ltd –  – based in Malaysia – licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authority (License no. MB/18/0024).
  • Deriv (BVI) Ltd – based in the British Virgin Islands – licensed by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission(License no. SIBA/L/18/1114)
  • Deriv (V) Ltd  – based in Vanuatu – is licensed by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, and is a member of the Financial Markets Association.
  • Deriv Limited – based in Jersey – is the holding company for the above subsidiaries.

Deriv operates worldwide through these subsidiaries. Deriv Group along with all its subsidiaries is regulated by The Financial Commission an industry-leading regulatory institution aimed to resolve disputes in the financial services industry.

Why Choose Deriv?

Deriv is one of the leading brokers in the trading industry because of certain features that tend to give it a competitive edge. Let’s have a look at its prominent features:

Leverage and Spreads

The company offers competitive leverage and spreads. Traders can access leverage up to 1:1000. Talking about spreads, clients can expect spreads starting from 0.1 pips EUR/USD.

Segregated Funds

Deriv has a strict policy of keeping the client’s funds separate from the company accounts. Although not likely, if the broker ever goes bankrupt, the client’s funds will remain secure and returned to the clients because of their distinct accounts.

Risk Awareness and Management

Online trading looks so enticing because of its promising rewards. However, the risk of losing money is always there. At Deriv, the risk is minimized and traders are encouraged to practice secure and responsible trading. If you are a beginner trader, you can first practice it through a demo account which gives you virtual money and real-time access to all the trading platforms and competitive features to get well-acquainted with trading.

Deriv recommends newbies to:

  • Never use the borrowed or life-saving money
  • Invest a portion of the money and set a loss limit.
  • Don’t trade haphazardly or based on your emotions. Make informed decisions driven by technical and fundamental analysis.

Online Security

Deriv continually guides its clients to ensure protected trading. It suggests certain security protocols to avoid any chance of account hacking. It recommends clients to use a strong and varied password, secure and updated web browser, two-factor authentication, and installation of anti-virus & firewalls to secure accounts.

Furthermore, Deriv has employed advanced security protocols such as SSL encryption to ensure the complete protection of trading data of clients.

Deriv is a great choice for all trading needs, and if you think the same, click here to start the application.

Can Beginners Trade on Deriv?

Deriv encourages new traders  to experience risk-free trading through the following features

  • Use the Deriv demo account with unlimited virtual money to practice trading at absolutely no cost.
  • The demo account gives complete access to all markets and platforms.
  • Sign-up with just your Email ID. No credit card or deposit is required.


You can trade the following online markets with Deriv:


Forex trading lets the customers capitalize on differences in the price movement of currencies. Deriv offers a low-barrier entry into the forex market and makes it a highly enticing one with the following features

  • High leverage
  • Tight spreads
  • Responsive platforms
  • Advanced trading tools
  • Easy deposits & withdrawals
  • Continuous customer support

Synthetic Indices

Deriv allows trading the synthetic indices which is one of its unique features. Based on a cryptographic number generator, synthetic indices imitate real-world market movements but remain unaffected by fundamental factors such as news and events.

Deriv is the preferred choice for trading synthetic indices because of the following features:

  • 24/7 trading including public holidays
  • No market or liquidity risk
  • Easy-to-use platforms
  • Valuable customer support

Stocks & Indices

In stocks & indices, traders can capitalize on price movements without using CFD contracts. At Deriv, traders can choose to trade international stocks and stocks of their favorite brands. It facilitates with the following features:

  • Minimum capital requirement
  • Up to 18 hours trading time
  • Easy and secure withdrawal and deposit methods
  • Standardized trading platforms
  • Responsive customer support


At Deriv,  traders capitalize on the price movement of underlying cryptocurrencies. Deriv is a sensible choice to trade cryptocurrencies because of its following features:

  • 24 hours trading
  • 1:1 leverage
  • Right spreads
  • 25+ currency pairs

However, clients based in the United Kingdom can’t trade crypto derivatives amid FCA restrictions.

Basket Indices

Trading basket index brings the benefit of low risk and reduced volatility. makes it easy for traders to trade basket index with its following features:

  • High leverage
  • Tight spreads
  • 20% weightage given to each currency
  • advanced charting tools
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal methods


Commodity trading is predicting price movements of gold, silver, crude oil, and other metals and earning a profit when the market moves in the direction you predicted. Deriv offers favorable conditions for trading commodities, such as:

  • Competitive spreads
  • No commission
  • Access to feature-rich trading platforms
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • 4 metals and Crude oil available for trading


How to Trade on Deriv?

Trading on Deriv is very simple and easy. It takes only 3 steps to start earning profits

  • Practice: Open a demo account and practice your trading strategies with unlimited virtual money. Get access to the trading platforms in real-time, Trade freely without any risk of losing money, and get yourself well acquainted with the nitty gritty of trading. Click here to start the demo account.
  • Trade: Open a real account, make a deposit and start trading forex and other markets as per your wish. Click here to start real-time trading
  • Withdraw: Use any of the available withdrawal methods to withdraw your funds.

KYC Requirements

During registering the Deriv account, you will have to provide information such as your full name, address, date of birth, place of birth, country of residence, contact number, and email address.

For verification of your account, you will be asked to provide your Proof of identity which may include a clear coloured copy of an identity document, such as your national ID, card, passport, or driving licence.

The broker also requires verification of your address. For that, you may provide your bank statement or a utility bill (mobile phone bills are not accepted).

Before you sign up, check if the broker offers services in your country or not, because its services are restricted in some countries. You can check restricted countries on its website.

Trade Types


On Deriv, there are three trading types available for trading the financial markets mentioned above. These are


Contract for difference or CFDs is the trading type that allows traders to make a profit on the price movements without buying the asset. Deriv, traders can use CFDs to trade in forex, basket indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks & indices, and synthetic indices market.

You can trade CFDs on a real Deriv MT5 (DMT5) or real Deriv X account. The benefit of trading with CFDs in particular with Deriv brings the following benefits.

High Leverage

Leverage allows traders to open large positions with less balance. With the higher leverage, you will need less balance to open the position. One should keep in mind that with high leverage, the potential loss will also be high if the market moves against your speculation.

Tight Spreads

Spread is the difference between the buying and selling price of the asset. Deriv offers tight spreads for easy entry into the market.


Multipliers is the trading type through which traders take the benefit of leverage at limited risk. The situation goes in favour of traders whatever the case may be. It means that in case the market moves in favour, the profit will be multiplied; and if the market moves against it, the loss will be only limited to the amount at stake.

On Deriv, multipliers can be used to trade in forex, synthetic indices, and market indices markets. Deriv favours multiplier trading through its following features:

  • Improved risk management
  • Better market exposure
  • Expert customer support
  • Trade 24/7 on all days including public holidays


Options is the trading type that allows traders to buy an asset at a particular price in the future. It differs from CFDs in a way that CFDs are a straightforward agreement that settles on the price movement. Whereas options give a right, not the obligation, to buy the asset. If the asset does not meet the strike rate within the set period, it will expire with no value causing no arm to the trader.

Here is why Deriv is a preferred choice for trading options in the financial markets

  • Predictable potential profit or loss
  • Trade in all financial markets
  • Highly accessible and easy to use
  • User-friendly platforms
  • Advanced charting tools

Fees and Commission

Derive pricing structure is comparable to average industry standards. It offers commission-free trading and makes money through spread charging.

The broker does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fee. However, beware that in the case of an account dormant for more than 12 months, the broker applies a $25 account inactivity fee.  Trading fees and commissions play an integral part in determining your portfolio’s profitability; you must analyze Deriv’s trading fees before you start your trading journey.

Trading Platforms


At Deriv, there are 8 powerful trading platforms available for traders to trade with ease and confidence. Each platform is carefully crafted right according to the needs of traders.

Binary Bot

An automated drag-and-drop tool, specifically created for advanced users to create trading bots, as per their trading strategy. The tool is a completely automated one and does not require any coding or human intervention.


API is Deriv’s development tool that helps clients develop their customised trading platform and apps by using any programming language and all-in-one client library. It simplifies the development process and clients can have their apps ready quickly.

The apps created with API are automated, easy to integrate, and have fast execution. Not only can you create your customised apps but you may also use these apps to build your business and earn.

Here is how you can earn more with Deriv’s API:

  • Get your app Registered with Deriv. Earn a percentage markup on every purchase of a contract.
  • Select an affiliate plan, develop your app and draw commission on trades settled through your app
  • Register as a payment agent and develop your own payment system. Earn commission on every payment that is processed for Deriv’s clients through your system.

Deriv GO

Deriv GO is Deriv’s mobile app specifically developed for trading multipliers at the ease of your mobile device. Wherever you are, whenever you want, you may use the app to trade 24/7 forex, cryptocurrencies, and synthetic indices.

With a pleasant theme and easy-to-use charts, it gives a streamlined trading experience.  Trading multipliers on DerivGO helps clients in better risk management, enhance your profit potential and limit the risk by customising your contract with features such as take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation.

To use Deriv GO, simply create your Deriv account with Google, Facebook, or your email,  make a deposit, download the app and start trading.

Deriv MT5

With 100+ tradable assets and 330K+ clients, Deriv MT5 is one of the most popular trading platforms that allow trading multiple markets i.e. forex, stocks, synthetic indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and basket indices – all in one place. It gives a smooth trading experience both to new and veteran traders. The app is highly flexible. it can be used on Linux, windows, mac OS, and any web browser. On mobile, it can be downloaded from the google app store and Huawei app gallery.


With 50+ tradable assets and 200+ potential payout, DTrader is an innovative tool that has simplified trading. It takes only 3 steps to trade around the clock on DTrader. Simply select the asset, monitor the chart, and place a trade.

Trading on DTrader helps clients in making informed trading decisions with the help of widgets and technical indicators.


SmartTrade is another feature-rich trading platform offered by Deriv. It is an extremely user-friendly platform that helps clients trade like a pro.


DBot is a trading robot building system with which you can develop your own trading robot without having to write any code. It comes loaded with 3 in-build strategies.

With Deriv’s DBot, you can create a trading robot in 5 simple steps:

  • Choose your asset
  • Set purchase condition
  • Set restart conditions
  • Run bot
  • Check profit

Deriv X

Deriv X is Deriv’s another trading platform that offers CFDs on multiple assets such as forex, commodities, synthetics, and cryptocurrencies. It can be used across both mobile and desktop devices to trade as per your style. It gives access to 100+ assets without any commission.

Hassle-Free Deposits & Withdrawals

At Deriv, multiple reliable payment methods are available for easy deposit and withdrawal. These includes:

  • Online bank transfer
  • credit/debit card
  • E-Wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Fiat onramp
  • Deriv P2P

The broker accepts a minimum deposit of $10. All the deposits and withdrawals are processed within a day. Any delay may be caused depending on the client’s bank.

Resources is equipped with a set of tools that are of great help to traders while devising their strategies. The tools include

  • Margin calculator
  • Swap calculator
  • Pip Calculator
  • PnLfor margin
  • Stop loss and take profit for multipliers

Apart from these tools, a separate section of the academy is there which is loaded with highly informative articles and the latest market news to keep clients updated about financial markets.

Customer Support

Deriv offers an uncompromised customer support system through multiple channels. There is a dedicated help centre on its website where almost every concern that a client may have is addressed. If you are not satisfied and want to know more, you can chat directly or ask the community. You can also visit them at any of their locations across the world.

Having customers with varying nationalities, the website of Deriv can be viewed in multiple languages.

You can always reach Deriv via Email

For Business Development:

For Affiliate Partnership:

Reputation Among Clients

Deriv’s ratings on different review websites are as under:

  • Trust pilot:4.6/5
  • ForexPeace Army: 1.156/5
  • Tradersunion: 6/10
  • Day trading: 4.4

Summing Up

Serving customers for over 22 years, Deriv offers an above-standard digital experience to all its clients.  Although the broker enjoys a moderate reputation among clients, it is still a good choice for those who want to trade synthetic indices, which are unique to Deriv as compared to other brokers in the market. Similarly, it has a competitive edge in giving wide choices in trading platforms. Having unquestionable ethical values and reliability, traders can trust Deriv for an awesome trading experience.